Shift your parking operation into
top gear.

Parqour is a seamless, all-in-one software platform engineered
to simplify parking operations and deliver remarkable customer experience.

Real-time data, automated plate recognition and instant, contactless payments – parking has never been easier.

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Meet the solution that is transforming the parking industry!

Why Parqour?

Parqour offers a comprehensive end-to-end management platform to increase revenue, reduce operational cost and enhance transparency.

Say goodbye to piecing together different vendors and integrations. No need to spend huge capital on bulky hardware. Control all operations from one platform.

Contactless parking and online payment methods makes the parking experience easier for your customers too. The end result: higher utilization and lower operating costs.

  • 99,6% license plate recognition rate
  • Online QR payment & 3rd party APIs

    (integrated with Parkmobile, SpotHero, Honk, PayByPhone)

  • Data analytics

    (real-time occupancy, revenue, utilization, parking trends)

  • Validation and permit management

    (free flow access for approved drivers)

  • 24/7 remote control system
  • Hardware with zero upfront costs
  • Zoning and violation detection

    (control POD, VIP and nested zones)


Get all-in-one with Parqour


No tickets, barcodes or long lines. Just quick, free flow parking parking experience


We can beat any PARCS’s offer by 30% and up to 3 times


Smart pricing and reduced labor costs mean that your bottom line money for less effort


Our subscription plans let you get started today with little to no down payment.


Our system is plug and play and can be added to your current solution


Up and running within 2 weeks

Parqour for
gated parking

Entry - Transients enter without tickets. No need to register before entering the parking facility. The system automatically recognizes the license plate and starts the parking session. Drivers with reservations through platforms like ParkMobile, SpotHero, PayByPhone or Honk enter the parking seamlessly without scanning a barcode and tickets.

Payment – users have numerous payment options:

  1. Online/web based app - No need to download an app, users scan the QR code, that leads to a payment page
  2. Terminal payment - cash, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Exit – The license plate is detected and the session ends

No tickets, no attendants, no lines!

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Parqour for
gateless parking

Entry - Transients enter without barriers and tickets. The system automatically captures the license plate and starts the billing session.

Payment - First time visitors are instructed to scan QR code and register in the system by entering their license plate and adding preferred payment methods (credit card, Apple/Google pay).

Exit - Registered drivers are charged automatically from a credit card for the duration of their stay.

Returning drivers can enter and exit seamlessly, the system charges them automatically on exit.

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Parqour for
valet parking

Parking - Camera automatically captures the license plate at the entry

Check-in - easy driver registration and communication via SMS

Payment - Customers pay with one touch via a mobile app – compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Exit - The license plate is recorded and the session ends

Enhance transparency of financial flows and control operations from one platform.

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Parqour for parking validation & permit management

Use cases: employee and tenant parking, monthly permit management - seamless access for monthly parkers and drivers with reservations made by third party platforms

  1. Entry - The system checks the license plate and status of the permit
  2. Exit - All entry-exit events are logged and displayed in reports
    1. No more hang tags, RFID cards and barcode scanning
    2. Integrated with all major reservation platforms (SpotHero, ParkMobile, Honk, PayByPhone etc.)

Parking validation

Use cases: parking validation for hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, fitness club, hospital visitors etc.

Via dashboard. Company/Hotel/Restaurant administrators can validate the parking session by entering the license plate to the system using a web based dashboard. Access period can be customized.

Via promo code. Company administrator/receptionist distribute promo codes, hotel, restaurant guests easily add the code to their account by scanning the QR code.

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Frequently asked questions

Parqour can work with any type of barrier gates. In case of outdated gates and infrastructure we will replace them.

Parqour will install and set up the system for free, after a successful project we will work under commercial terms.

1-2 months depending on a scope of the project

We offer two business models:

  • Software-as-a- service - monthly flat with or without capital investments from Parqour
  • Revenue share with capital investments from Parqour

Parqour will cover all capital and operational expenses, including hardware as barrier gates and installation works. Moreover our managers and ambassadors will support and train your employees and customers on site and help to adapt during the first month of the launch.

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About us

Car parks often provide the first impression of a destination. We focus on transforming the parking customer experience into one that is a welcome part of any journey.

We are a global technology company with extended expertise and experience in parking management, proptech, smart city and smart parking technologies.

Founded in 2020, Parqour already has more than 150 employees. It is headquartered in the USA with offices or representatives in 22 countries across Europe, the Middle-East, Central Asia and South-East Asia.